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A few notes from the Fair

Posted by: James Lileks under Minnesota History, Praise, Restaurants Updated: August 22, 2013 - 1:02 PM

Things learned so far at the Fair today:


The Fresh French Fry booth (by MPR, not the Midway) has Fresh French Fry Fairies who preside over a spinning wheel that dispenses prizes. When not spinning, they dance to “Ice Ice Baby.”


The Spin-A-Painting guy has a new booth; more on that to come. He seems proud of it, as he should be. I’d lament the loss of a piece of the bygone Fair; the old spin-art booth seemed right out of 1967, but the new one keeps the homey spirt. Doesn’t look like some fancy expensive place with a backlit plastic sign.


There are no moist towelettes at the Strib booth, alas. It’s one of those days where you get sticky quickly; towelettes would be nice. Someone would do grand business opening up a misting station. Even more business if it misted beer.


Had a brat for lunch, because I had to compare it to the taste of the Brat Balm., $5.50. For a brat. I paid $3.99 for five at the store the other day. New motto: Fair Quality, Airport Prices!


More later; we’re just getting started.

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