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Mystery Streetcorner

Posted by: James Lileks under Minnesota History Updated: June 24, 2013 - 1:01 PM

From the Strib archives: behold a corner of Minneapolis that’s rather difficult to identify.


If you had to figure out its location, what would you use for navigation? The Tribune building is gone. Whatever filled the empty lot isn't available for clues. Here, have some unhelpful details:



A piece of the corner left for some reason? A plinth for a sign telling everyone what was coming next?



Here's your best clue:



The sign for "Maurice Rothschild" means that the white building is the Palace Clothiers building. so:



 If I'm right, this is the view today:



Building up this part of town again will take a while. Why it went down in the first place is a reminder: best to have something in place besides home and good intentions when you level historic districts. Half a century later, the wound is closed, but it's all scar tissue. 



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