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Weird charges show up on phone bills

Posted by: James Eli Shiffer under Buyer beware, How to blow the whistle Updated: December 13, 2010 - 12:09 PM

Whistleblower got a couple of cautionary tales this week from people who actually read their phone bills.

One of them found a recurring $9.99 charge on page 23 for “Too Lazy Text Alerts,” a service unwittingly signed up for by the man’s teenage daughter. Another discovered a $14.95 recurring charge for a service identified only as ESBI.

In both cases, these alert customers successfully persuaded their phone companies to zero out the charges and stop them from reappearing. One of the customers, Howard Wigfield of Chaska, encourages the public to scrutinize their bills to find these weird charges.

"How many dozens upon hundreds of others are there who open the phone bill, take out the checkbook and just pay it?” Wigfield said.

Have you ever found anything strange on your phone bills?

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