Archdiocese plan would create $65M fund for abuse victims

Archdiocese plan would create $65M fund for abuse victims

Sixteen months after filing for bankruptcy, archdiocese files a plan to compensate clergy abuse victims.

After months of abuse, Arteisha Love had enough and stabbed boyfriend

25 minutes ago
The 31-year-old's case highlights the complexity of domestic violence.

National Eagle Center's most prominent feathered resident dies

National Eagle Center's most prominent feathered resident dies
Harriet, who has made national TV appearances and whose image is on a Minnesota license plate design, was euthanized at age 35.
1 minute ago

Minneapolis City Council gives tentative approval to sick-leave mandate

With final approval expected Friday, the ordinance would go into effect July 1, 2017.
St. Paul
10 minutes ago

St. Paul police responding to shooting, possibly involving officer

Police audio first reported that no officers were involved, than clarified that it was an officer-involved shooting.
West Metro
42 minutes ago

Tree falls, fatally hits Minn. farmer herding cattle in from storm

He was on a 4-wheeler at the time he was struck, the Sheriff's Office said.
43 minutes ago
The DNR anounced deer population goals Tuesday for large portions of...

DNR needs better plan, better numbers on deer

"Will controversy over managing the deer population ever go away? No," said Legislative Auditor James Nobles.
44 minutes ago

Memorial Day motorists reminded to move over for safety

New video from AAA shows cars whizzing precariously close to its tow truck drivers.
49 minutes ago

Defendant in ISIL trial to testify this afternoon

Guled Omar is likely the defense's only witness.
TV & Media

Day's 4th word trips up Twin Cities 8th-grader in National Spelling Bee

At least two-thirds of the day's 45 competitors have been eliminated.
Since the charges were filed in June, Archbishop John Nienstedt and Bishop Lee Piché have resigned from the archdiocese.

Livestream: Archbishop discusses fund for sexual abuse victims

If you don't see the live video, please click here. ---

Minneapolis joins network of 'resilient' cities

The city has been selected for the Rockefeller Foundations "100 Resilient Cities" program, will hire a new "chief resilience officer."

Roadside close calls video highlights safety

This video provided by AAA shows roadside workers facing close calls with speeding vehicles on various roads across Hennepin County.
Guide to best of Minnesota biking trails
Special report Guide to best of Minnesota biking trails
updated 20 hours 59 mins. ago
More than 1,500 miles of bike trails line railroad beds and cross public lands.
An intruder at the State Capitol pinned these threatening messages on handwritten signs to the clerk’s podium using this large knife, according to charges filed Wednesday.

State Capitol intruder left behind knife, threats, charge says

A Minneapolis man is charged with burglary, accused of slipping through a closed construction zone to get into the House chambers.

What's it like to drive a trolley around Minneapolis lakes?

To this trolley operator (and reporter), every ride on the Lake Harriet streetcar is a 15-minute journey into history.
May 25
A groupf of men played basketball at dusk at Powderhorn Park in Minnea...

Minneapolis again named top-ranked big-city park system

St. Paul slips from a tie in 2015 to a close second among 100 cities.
East Metro
May 25

Distracted drivers are hitting new lows, Washington County survey finds

Most everybody these days tells a disturbing story about distracted drivers drifting over centerlines, veering onto road shoulders and risking rear-end collisions as they toy…
May 25

Move Minneapolis leader fires back at scathing city audit

"No funds have been misappropriated. No one got rich off doing business with [Move Minneapolis]," Dan MacLaughlin, who was placed on leave, said in an interview.
May 25

ISIL recruit trial resumes after chaotic delay, arrest of one

Chaos outside the Minneapolis courtroom that included the arrest of a witness' sister delayed the start of testimony Wednesday in the federal trial of three men accused of trying to join the Islamic State.
May 25

HCMC doctor turned astronaut shares love of space with kids

Dr. Kjell Lindgren said lessons learned at Minneapolis hospital were valuable in space.
North Metro
May 25

Suspect arrested in home burglary spree, sexual assault of 9-year-old

Police found him under a Mississippi River bridge in Minneapolis and nabbed him after a brief chase.
May 25

State sues fundraiser for veterans' charity, alleging deception

Minnesota is suing its fundraising arm for deceptive practices.
West Metro
May 25

Former Voyager Bank CEO Timothy Owens sentenced to 18 months in federal prison

The Wayzata man had pleaded guilty to charges of obstructing an investigation.