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Who's who

A look at the key players involved in the investigation.

Last update: April 22, 2009 - 11:14 AM

Sgt. Charlie Adams Former detective, now street supervisor

Among those informant Taylor Trump alleged were corrupt, a claim that investigators could not substantiate.

Chief Tim Dolan Minneapolis police chief
Lt. Lee Edwards Former head of homicide unit and inspector on North Side

Now runs in-service training. Informant Taylor Trump alleged he was among the corrupt cops. Not charged in the probe. Suspended after a related internal affairs investigation.

Sheila (She Baby) Haynes Paid informant for Minneapolis police
Officer Robert Heiple Patrolman on North Side

Informant Sheila (She Baby) Haynes alleged Heiple did business with informant Taylor Trump, which investigators could never confirm.

Lt. Mike Keefe Former VOTF commander

Among those assigned to corruption probe. Transferred to a job as a property crimes investigator. He had raised doubts about Trump.

Officer Scott Peterson Investigator on Violent Offenders Task Force

Main police contact for informant Sheila (She Baby) Haynes.

Sgt. Kelvin Pulphus Officer assigned to North Side

Recorded by FBI looking up confidential police information at informant Taylor Trump's request, but never passed it along to Trump. Not charged in corruption probe.

Officer Mike Roberts Patrol officer assigned to North Side

Recorded by FBI looking up information for informant Taylor Trump and accepting two payments of $100 each. Charged with tax evasion and taking payments.

Sgt. Grant Snyder Assigned to Violent Offenders Task Force

Among those working on corruption probe.

Craig Stoddard Retired officer

Informant Taylor Trump first alleged he was among corrupt cops, then claimed it was Stoddard's partner, officer Mike Doran. Neither charged in the probe.

Taylor Trump Leader in Gangster Disciples gang

FBI informant in the corruption probe. Also known as Rodney Keith Taylor, Valachi and Big.

Lt. Rick Thomas Former head of narcotics. Now supervises "I-Care" team

Informant Taylor Trump alleged he was among corrupt cops. Not charged in the probe.

Chris Wilton Assistant U.S. attorney

Assigned to corruption probe.

The Informant

He dangled a tantalizing tip: that some Minneapolis cops were corrupt, enabling the criminal enterprises of a major drug dealer and gang member, in return for cash and prostitutes. Was it true? That tip in 2006 sparked a massive public corruption probe that reverberates to this day.