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Liz Reyer's Corner column, which advises executives, managers and workers on making positive changes, appears Mondays in the Star Tribune's Business Insider section.
Recent content from Liz Reyer

Reyer: How to prepare for helping key client's business thrive

Reflect on the past, then use your insights to prepare for the future.

Reyer: How to prevent the winter blues from darkening your mood

Among the ideas: Help others and find appealing things to do that will make you feel engaged.

How to stop underselling yourself at work during annual review time

Start with a list of contributions you have made over the past year. This may not be as easy as it sounds.

Reyer: How to keep an audience awake during your next PowerPoint

A good story has conflict. Define the essence of conflict in your situation. Then play around with finding analogies.

Reyer: When 'just being yourself' doesn't come naturally

By mirroring your good feelings and paying attention to your emotional and physical responses to stress, you can help open the door.

Reyer: Turning negative at work? Here's how to fend it off

Reframing the issue to ask yourself if you're actually the problem is a huge step forward.

How to develop a career plan that can actually help you

Q: I’m facing a job change and am thinking about my next step. In reflecting, I realize that I’ve never had a plan or vision…

Reyer: In uncertain times, senior leaders can't hoard information

Your approach may be less damaging in a steady state time, but during a time of ambiguity, it will be especially ineffective.

Working with other departments can be tricky if your boss is a problem

Q: My problem is my new boss. He treats me well but is very ineffective within the organization. As a result, I have a hard…

Reyer: Cross-functional project a solid test of leadership

In particular, think about the areas of adaptability and communication.

How to balance aging parents, young children, demanding work

Q: My life is challenging right now. My mom lives in another state and is having serious health issues. I have kids at home, and…

Reyer: How to handle a co-worker who always makes you wait

Clueless or intentionally rude? That will help you figure out the right path.

Reyer: Your new manager has no idea who you are. Here's how to fix that

However, trite though it may sound, you do choose your reactions.

Reyer: How to handle the new employee who comes on too strong

Be welcoming and express your expectations clearly.

Reyer: Working from home works for you, but the boss wants you in the office.

Understanding the points of view involved is important.

How to keep vacations from upending your team

Is this a pattern, one that could be having a negative impact in other aspects of life?

What to do when everybody wants a say on your big project

You can try pulling back the curtains by sharing each stakeholder's feedback.

Reinvigorating a workplace initiative that has gone flat

Q: My company put a work-management initiative in place a while ago, but it's not going very well. People don't quite understand it and it's…

How to lead yet more change at a company weary from change

Q: People at my company have change fatigue, and I've been asked to lead yet another change. Teams will get reorganized somewhat and processes will…

Reyer: How to survive a special project that will double your work time.

Realistically, you will have some slumps during this time. When that happens, give yourself permission to take a break.

Reyer: How to cope with sudden layoff? Readers weigh in

Difficult situation, both emotionally and practically? Of course. But also, it can be almost liberating.

Part-timer pressured to work more hours worries about saying 'no'

Q: I work part-time out of choice in an hourly job. My problem is that my boss and co-workers don’t respect my boundaries. They pressure…

Reyer: When the top bosses don't agree, you need to get involved

Q: I’m feeling powerless and frustrated at work. I’m responsible to help execute strategy but the team of executives responsible for defining it can’t seem…

What to do when your co-workers want to make things too complicated

Q: I work with some people who always seem to be trying to make things more complicated than they need to be. They suggest adding…

You have been laid off and need to find a job fast. Here's what to do.

Q: I was laid off this week and was not prepared for it. I knew it could be coming, but didn't face it. I've got…

Reyer: You are planning to retire soon. When should you let the boss know?

Keep in mind that the external environment, particularly the economy, could affect your timing.

Getting to the bottom of a top worker's recent slide

Q: I have a strong performer on my team who is starting to slip. He is missing deadlines, making errors and isn't his usual positive…

Juggling the demands of running your own shop

A successful approach builds in flexibility and acknowledges the inherent ups and downs.

Getting at the root causes of your occasional blow ups

Q: I totally lost it this morning. Parenting and working is a lot to handle, and I am almost always living life right at the…

Reyer: How to deal with a boss who swoops in and takes over

Look for some low-risk ways to vent, then try moving ahead.

Reyer: No longer expected to help out other teams? Why is that unsettling?

Understand the roots of your concerns and focus on the benefits you can realize.

Managing a group that is smart but headstrong

Q: I'm on a multi-department team that is overseeing some major organizational changes. It's a smart and dedicated group. The challenge is that we've had…

Too negative? Here's how to build a new approach

Q: I'm more negative than I'd like when I go into new situations or meet new people. I'm hypercritical, not on purpose, but it gets…

Reyer: How to sound more sure of yourself at work

This calls for both inner and outer work to resolve.

Reyer: What to do when you are rising in your company and not liking what you see

You need to decide if you can be a difference maker in this situation.

Reyer: Want to make sure you're getting the right training? Take the initiative

Be open to planning and serendipity to get the most new learning opportunities.

As a manager, you should help team members share information and experiences

Q: I like sending team members to conferences, panels and other learning activities. But no matter how much I ask, they are not good about…

Coach's Corner: Getting employees on board with change demands planning, tact

Q: What do you do when executives support a change initiative but individuals (and even some mid-level managers) resist? How can I get people to…

Reyer: How to rebuild your work team's flagging momentum

Great things happen when a team comes together.

Reyer: If your co-workers act like you are a bully, you probably are

Be real with yourself, own your behavior and find new ways to interact.

Reyer: Is your productivity stalled? Here's how to jump-start yourself at work

A seasonal slump is not uncommon.

Reyer: If your boss is a bad fit, do this before you head for the door

It's helpful to build on positives, but you may have to dig deep.

Reyer: Planning is key when returning to the workforce

A big part is believing in yourself; then you will be able to tell a compelling story about your readiness to return.

Reyer: How to handle a chatty boss who makes it tough to get things done

This is a control device, whether it's intentional or not.
Reyer: How to repair the damage when you leave co-worker out to dry

Reyer: How to repair the damage when you leave co-worker out to dry

If you want a no-risk solution, you are not really stepping up to take responsibility for your actions.

To be an effective planner, find a style that suits you

Q: I want to get my year off to a good start from a planning and direction point of view. What's the best way to…
Businessman standing in front of projection screen. Projector reflects a labyrinth to screen and businessman's back.

How to work your way up the gratitude scale

I've been spending some time feeling fortunate. There are the obvious reasons. A great family, good health, caring friends and interesting work. I wish this…

Scheduling at the holidays should be a team effort

Q: Last year we had a huge mess at the holidays, with too many people off work, not enough arrangements made for coverage, etc. After…
Low section view of a businessman moving down on stairs with graph chart representing the concept of Loss, Failure, Problems etc.

Sudden sales drop should be small retailer's wake-up call

If you're still selling the same products in the same way, it's not a surprise that you're seeing declines.

Winning back a work team that doesn't trust you

Rather than trying to change them, focus on your own leadership skills.

Reyer: Turning your attitude around in a high-stress workplace

It's easy to fall into the trap of believing that others are causing your feelings.
Target market concept, attracting customers, customer retention flat vector illustration design for web banners and apps

How to compete for top talent when you can't pay top dollar

Q: As the owner of a small business in a small city, I'm having trouble attracting and retaining good employees. There is also a larger,…

How to take charge when you are not a take-charge person

Combine new skills and authenticity to help you meet the needs of this role.
Supervising a new team member can be challenging, but more so if they are “connected.”

That new addition to your team has reputation as a bad performer. Now what?

Set aside the reputation, at least for the moment, and be clear, direct and firm.

Tweaking a post-merger management team

Q: I reconfigured my management team after a merger of two small companies, promoting a couple of very talented people from the other company. I've…

Find authentic ways to grow as a leader

The last thing you want is to go from impersonal to phony.

How to take on a bad actor at work

Your primary anchor needs to be your inner values.

After firing, employee should take responsibility

Regarding performance issues, employees and managers often see things differently.

How to handle a boss who won't delegate until the last minute

Use your track record of last-minute saves to make a case for earlier engagement.
Time concept - EPS 10, RGB. Effects used: transparency, blending transparency.

What to do when the boss wanted that project done yesterday

Q: I’m a project manager whose executive sponsors continually push back on my project time estimates. They want unrealistically short timelines, and, what’s worse, they…
Some good travel advice: Work through the logistics and be yourself.

How to prepare for a long work trip

Go in calm and confident, anchored in authenticity, and don't overpack!

Reyer: It's up to you develop new training program. Now what?

Bring together a variety of resources to help you succeed.
You need to act when a work slump spreads to your private life

You need to act when a work slump spreads to your private life

Best advice: Treat yourself as kindly as you would someone else you care about.
One challenge many people face when working from home is the decrease in social interaction. Electronic connection only goes so far.

Your partner is starting to work from home. Here's how to cope

Every aspect of life is affected in a transition like this, so discuss and plan for as much as you can.

How to gauge if there's too much family in a family-owned business

Pitfalls include being caught in the middle and being the outsider -- always.
Vector illustration - Communication

Coming up short? Maybe you're not paying attention

Most unintentional acts result from one simple cause: a failure to pay attention.

How to step in when your team is at odds

Q: Our organization relies heavily on successful cross-functional collaboration. The problem is that a couple of people have fallen into an overly adversarial relationship. How…
No one likes being caught between bosses.

What to do when your boss' boss wants to talk

Start with the facts, write up some background and collect your documentation.

How to stay in the loop when your work team is in another city

The main thing to remember is the onus will be on you.

Reyer: How to dig out at work after a lengthy vacation

Making a plan can help you get your work under control quickly.
A worker who bullies needs to know how her behavior undermines the team.

How to handle a skilled worker who's also a bully

If you tolerate it, you are in essence condoning abusive behavior. And the team is watching.

How to juggle bosses without dropping the ball

Q: I work in a complicated matrixed company, and have three bosses to keep happy. They don't always see eye to eye, so I end…

New job in a new city requires a new approach

Build multiple platforms to support you in your new setting.
high-angle shot of a blue cup of cappuccino with a sad face drawn with cocoa powder on its milk foam, on a blue rustic table with a blank space on the

Reyer: How to get to the bottom of a bad attitude

One of many causes worth considering: Are you getting enough time away?
The more passionate and positive you are about returning to school, the easier it’ll be to find people who will support you.

How to build support for your back-to-school goals

Follow your own vision, while making sure you're finding the best way to move forward.