Kenneth L. Wadsworth, of Eden Valley, MN, passed away on June 25th, 2013, at the age of 63, due to cancer at the VA hospital in St. Cloud, MN. His battle was short, but his fight was big and for the "extra" time we got with him, I'd say that was a win.

Ken was a Vietnam Veteran and had retired from Custom Products in Litchfield, MN. He was married to Alice for 42 years, and together they had 4 children, 1 grandson and 4 step-grandchildren. He was so proud to tell anyone about his life's work and his family.

Ken was such a wonderful man that had a lot of love in his heart for his family and friends. He loved spending time up north at the "family campground" and he was just a treat to be around. With a twinkle in his eye, you never quite knew what he was going to say or do, but it would spread cheer on the face of others. Anybody that walked into Ken's life as a friend left feeling like family.

Every time he could get all of his family together, it was his own version of heaven on earth. He just loved having his kids around, being around his  friends, cousins and just plain enjoying the company of his brothers and sister's and their families.

He also loved his "girls" Penny and Franny, (the family dogs). He would take them everywhere he could go--the North Shore, camping, and he loved to have them on his lap for a snuggle.

He camped every chance he could, loved going to the North Shore and going four-wheeling in the woods.

Ken is definitely our Northern Light as he continues to shine his love on us...every time we see the moon shinigng down on us, we feel a little comfort knowing we have a new angel guiding us on the rest of our life's journey.

RIP, are forever in our hearts and always on our minds. Happy trails to you!