Eleven people have filed to run for mayor of Minneapolis this year, although only the incumbent has held recent political office.

Among the late surprises in the 98 filings for various offices are incumbent Park Board Commissioner Bob Fine's shift from seeking reelection to his southwest Minneapolis seat to an at-large race that already features four other current or former commissioners. And there's the surprise reelection bid of Nokomis-area Commissioner Carol Kummer, after the candidate she supported, Martin Demgen, didn't file for health reasons. Former Council Member Natalie Johnson Lee filed to try to regain her Fifth Ward seat from incumbent Don Samuels.

Filings closed Tuesday, and produced the following list of candidates for the Nov. 3 election. Candidates and their political affiliation or principle as it will be listed on the ballot are shown in the order they filed. Party endorsements are boldfaced. A few candidates filed with one political affiliation but were endorsed by another party or more than one. Those endorsements are listed separately.


Dick Franson, DFL; John Charles Wilson, Edgertonite National Party; Tom Fiske, Socialist Workers Party; R.T. Rybak (incumbent), DFL; Joey Lombard, Is Awesome; Bob Carney Jr., Moderate Progressive Censored; Al Flowers, DFL; Papa John Kolstad, Independent Civic Leader; James R. Everett, Social Entrepreneurship; Bill McGaughey, New Dignity Party; and Christopher Clark, Libertarian. Kolstad is Republican-endorsed.


Kevin Reich, DFL; Mark Fox, Equity Advocacy Responsibility; Susan Howitz Hanna, DFL; Thomas Alessi, Ron Paul Conservative, and Larry Ranallo, Independent. Alessi is Republican-endorsed.


Cam Gordon, Green Party, and Allen A. Aigbogun, Independent. Aigbogun is Republican-endorsed.


Diane Hofstede, DFL; Raymond Wilson Rolfe, Libertarian Party; Allen Kathir, DFL, Jeffrey Cobia, Republican, and Melissa Hill, Civil Disobedience.


Barbara A. Johnson, DFL; Troy Parker, DFL, Grant Cermak, Independent, and Marcus Harcus, Green Party.


Don Samuels, DFL; Kenya McKnight, DFL; Roger Smithrud, Independence Party; Lennie Chism, DFL; and Natalie Johnson Lee, DFL.


Laura Jean, Progressive; Robert Lilligren, DFL; Bruce A. Lundeen, Green; Soren Christian Sorensen, Progressive Grassroots Representation; Andy Exley, Green Party; Michael Tupper, Independent; and M. Cali, Green.


Michael J. Katch, Independent; Lisa Goodman, DFL, Jeffrey Alan Wagner, Independent, and Ken Lawrence, DFL. Katch is also Republican-endorsed.


Gregory McDonald, Independent; Elizabeth Glidden, DFL; David Regan, Republican; Jeanne Estime, Green Party; and Michael J. Cavlan, Open Progressive.


Todd J. Eberhardy, Independent; Gary Schiff, DFL; Dave Bicking, Green Party; and Khalif Jama, DFL.


Meg Tuthill, DFL; Kim Vlaisavljevich, Independent; Dan Alvin, Independence Party; and Matthew Dowgwillo, DFL. Vlaisavljevich is Republican-endorsed.


Gregg A. Iverson, DFL; John Quincy, DFL; and David A. Alvarado, Republican.


Brent Perry, Socialist Action; Sandy Colvin Roy, DFL; Charley Underwood, DFL, and Rick L. Nyhlen, Independent.


Betsy Hodges, DFL; Joseph Henry, DFL; and Kris Broberg, Independent; Broberg is also Republican-endorsed.


Board of Estimate and Taxation: Carol Jean Becker, DeWayne Townsend, Phil Willkie, David Wheeler, James Elliot Swartwood and R. Michael Martens. Becker is DFL-endorsed


At-large Park Board: Tom Nordyke, John Erwin, Annie Young, Mary Merrill Anderson, John Butler, David Wahlstedt, Bob Fine and Nancy Bernard. Nordyke, Erwin and Merrill Anderson are DFL-endorsed; Young is Green-endorsed.

Park Board districts:

District 1: Liz Wielinski, Bernie Kunza and John Malone (Wielinski is DFL-endorsed); District 2: Jon Olson, LuAnn Wilcox and Michael Guest; District 3: Scott Vreeland and Mike Wendorf (Vreeland is DFL-endorsed); District 4: Anita Tabb (DFL-endorsed); District 5: Steve Barland, Dan W. Peterson, McClain Looney, Jason Stone and Carol Kummer; District 6: Meg Forney, Brad Bourn, Geneva Hanvik and Steven Jecha (Bourn is DFL-endorsed.)

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