We pick up the famous 1890s newspaper column “Is There a Santa Claus?” near the end:

“ ... In conclusion, Virginia, I was touched by your simple question — for it cuts to the heart of our troubled times with their fears, hopes and worldly cares. Yes, there is a Santa Claus! As long as the heart sings its strong song of hope; as long as our eyes drop not from the sight of the less fortunate but fix them with a compassionate gaze; as long as we maintain our ability to dream beyond the horizon and imagine the approach of something beyond our mundane realities, yes. Yes, Virginia. There is a Santa Claus.”

Now, imagine that article being printed today, when readers are encouraged to respond online.


marty74: Lol, big fat guy who comes down chimneys???? He would have black lung by now and be on disability. Oh well another story for the sheeple.

VikingSuxGoPackers934: Gotta admit Santa’s track record is better than the Vikes’ against the Panthers, at least Santa could get the presents where they were supposed to be without the dog intercepting them ha ha

VirginiaInVirginia: This story was read every Christmas to us in school on the Iron Range and we thought it was about our town. We used to make fun of the kids in Hibbing who weren’t reassured about Santa like we were.

CrazyJane: I mAkE $3000 a week at home this EASY way my sister didn’t believe it but now she makes more than me?

marty74: (reply to CrazyJane) if you have to believe in something dumb, believe in Santa, not working at home schemes lol

oldcrankybob: (reply to marty74) Why are you mad about a nice piece about Santa? Everyone loves Santa because he is full of goodness and love. I bet you voted for that person I hate. People like you ruined America

Burbguy430: If he goes to Minneapolis he’ll get robbed. Oh wait, he knows who’s naughty and nice right? So he’ll skip right to Bloomington, can’t fit the sleigh down the bike lanes

Arugula4ever: (reply to Burbguy430) With his low-carbon-impact approach, Santa was a leader in sustainable transportation options and would applaud downtown’s dense livability. Try again, you cul-de-sack of (comment edited for community standards).

SantaClaus: Repeat after me, everyone. Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas!

There. Didn’t that feel good?