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At a time when more Americans are growing concerned about the origins of the food they're eating, Minnesota is rich
with specialty producers who bring fresh products to market within 24 hours of harvest. Over the next four months
we'll be profiling some of these local growers in video stories where we'll take you from farm to market --
where each of these producers sells his or her home grown specialties.

A Heritage tradition

November 1, 2007

At Nature's Little Farm in Kellogg, Minn., Larry and Diane Leonhardt have established a reputation for raising Heritage turkeys. They pride themselves on allowing their artisan birds to roam and forage in the fields for the duration of their lives.

Prairie Hollow Farm:
Unique farm earning reputation for unique cheeses

Tim Kornder:
These melons are
De Vine

Gardens of Eagan:
Pride in their diverse harvest

Nature's Little Farm:
A heritage tradition