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Continued: 'Plants With Benefits' reveals produce that packs sex appeal

  • Article by: KIM PALMER
  • Last update: February 11, 2014 - 2:35 PM

Q: Why is the avocado a sexy plant to you?

A: When you open it up — it’s very suggestive when split in half. And it’s a healthy plant, rich in vitamins and all the things that lead to good health. Good health leads to good sex.


Q: Tell us about the power of suggestion and sexy plants.

A: A lot of ancient cultures believed that if something looked like a body part, it would help that body part. That’s how bananas got their suggestive reputation.


Q: Do most stimulating plants tend to arouse one sex or the other?

A: A lot are equal opportunity but some are more beneficial to one sex. Almonds are more powerful for women, while cardamom is more powerful for men. And then there’s nutmeg, which has been called the “female Viagra” or Mama’s Little Helper. It’s a warming agent that stirs things up down there.


Q: Are there any plants that are libido killers?

A: Green papaya will take away desire. But once it ripens, it’s an enhancer. So I say, if you’re alone on a desert island, eat green papaya, but if you’re not alone, eat ripe papaya.


Q: You included garlic — that’s an aroma not everyone loves. What’s sexy about garlic?

A: It’s a warming agent, which increases blood flow. It smells intoxicating when cooked, especially if both people are eating it, although it definitely can be a turnoff if only one person is chomping on it.


Q: What’s a plant whose erotic reputation is overrated?

A: The tomato. It’s such a sexy fruit, with such a rich history. It’s kind of sinful looking. They called it the “devil’s fruit” and the “love apple.” But there’s no strong folklore or science to confirm its powers.


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