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Continued: Twin Cities author advocates reinventing yourself in retirement

  • Article by: NEAL ST. ANTHONY , Star Tribune
  • Last update: December 21, 2013 - 3:27 PM

Q: You have talked about the importance of purpose. What role does purpose play in “Life Reimagined”?

A: There are three fundamentals to positive, active aging: Money. Medicine. Meaning.

Meaning matters at all phases of life but particularly in the second half of life. Purpose is fundamental. Our immune system depends on it. Purpose provides the meaning that goes with means. So many people today have financial means, but very little meaning or purpose. Many people are high on “success” but low on meaning. Most people want success with meaning.

The three stages of purpose are uncovering your gifts, your talents, and discovering that it’s more about us than you. That’s how we connect and build for the sake of others as well as ourselves. The third stage is rediscovering; how to serve people and the planet. Even in a small way, but beyond ourselves and our families.

Q: In conclusion?

A: We wrote a very strong chapter titled: “GET REAL.”

It was written for all the skeptics and cynics who were afraid to re-imagine, or critical of others who were reimagining.

At the heart of “Life Reimagined” is a manifesto that calls on each of us to live our lives with “choice, curiosity, and courage.”

We show in this chapter how it does not require any major moves or money to explore your “real possibilities.” We’ve got a lot of skeptics. I think it’s a necessity to have a midlife crisis or midlife quest. It’s good to push the pause button and check it out. It doesn’t cost anything to do some reflection, some connection and exploration.

Neal St. Anthony • 612-673-7144

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