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Washed and found

Posted by: Kay Krhin under Family Updated: December 25, 2010 - 9:11 PM

Some people pray to dear St. Anthony to find lost things. I just go to the full service car wash. 

In the pre-kid years I was thrilled when the car wash attendants found a beloved misplaced earring or an ID card that had fallen in a crevice. But now with two kids in the back seat the found loot increases ten fold.  After a recent car wash  to blast the debilitating ice hunks out of my wheel wells, I re-entered my car to discover a heap of found objects from the depths of my car piled on one of the car seats. The list included: a little lost sheep, a sock, a mismatched glove and mitten, three trains, one caboose, two favorite board books, a race car and a kitten. 

When the kids got back in the car it was like Christmas morning all over again as they became re-acquainted with their treasures. 

Anything interesting ever resurfaced for you at the car wash? 


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