Pawlenty's 'do needs overhaul, hairstylists agree

  • Article by: C.J. , Star Tribune
  • Updated: March 12, 2008 - 12:00 AM

With a better clip job could Gov. Tim Pawlenty possibly look more like dreamy George Clooney about the hair?

We'd all find that incredibly vice presidential. Some Twin Cities hairstylists were asked what they would do to improve Pawlenty's hairstyle, to make him an irresistible pick for Sen. John McCain, who's looking for a Republican running mate.

While Mary Pawlenty probably thinks her husband looks just fine, with a just a bit of tweaking, Tim could look foyne.

Our guv's got two apparent hair issues. There is a thinning issue (not that McCain isn't envious of this), and there is the matter of Tim's hair being too long down the nape of his neck.

There's a lot of distracting elongation going on, agreed three experts -- Jon English, Shauna Raisch and Tom Schmidt -- who independently came to the conclusion that Clooney's cut might be Pawlenty's remedy.

The CEO of the eponymous Jon English Hairspas said: "I'd cut him between a Tom Ford and a George Clooney."

I wouldn't have thought Pawlenty had enough hair to do what Clooney's does, but English says so.

"He wears his hair combed back," English said of Pawlenty. "It makes his forehead appear so tall, and I think most of all, from a political standpoint people are looking for a man of the time. Tom Ford's and George Clooney's images are very masculine; that's why Tom Ford is doing so well with his line. Clooney represents a great-looking stylish man. And they both look very modern, self-confident. That is what I would imagine people want to vote for."

Shauna Raisch, of Twiggs in Wayzata, said Pawlenty needs a cut that tones down his oblong head and narrow face. "Because he has a pretty receding hairline that gives you so much more length and oblongness [at the nape]," said Raisch. "Looking at him straight on, his hair is [also] kind of wide across from his ear area -- puffy. It makes the shape of his face even more obvious. What I would do, if I were going to cut it, is make those sides really tight so they laid into his head, so that I didn't have a difference between his puffy hair and his narrow face. And I would bring that top area that he still has left forward, versus pushing it all back, because when you look at it straight on it looks like he's got a horseshoe over the top of his head.

"While he is somewhat conservative, he might not go for this, but I would suggest is bringing it forward and I would actually have that sticking up and out just a little bit, kind of like what you see George Clooney wearing, but not the gray, obviously. I wouldn't do anything with Tim's color because anything you do with a guy's hair is going to end up looking artificial."

Tom Schmidt, of Uptown Wellness Center, had a difficult time playing along "because I'm not very Republican."

As he rattled off recommended changes for Pawlenty hairstyles, I realized that Schmidt was trying to give the guv that regrettable Alfafa 'do. Schmidt was being more than a little rascal; he was being mean.

"No," Pawlenty's hair "is not" working, Schmidt said. "It doesn't have any style. He needs a nice, plain haircut. It's not cut properly to the shape of his head," said Schmidt. "He should look more like George Clooney. Put some nice silver in his hair. It's very classy."

This issue of being classy, vice presidential and more "loose" was raised by Jason Deavalon, who has an eponymously named Uptown salon.

Deavalon said the first thing he would do with Pawlenty's hair would be something that "loosened him up a little bit. I'm talking about the hair. I would give it a flow haircut, so he could run his fingers through it; a gentlemanly haircut. Not so boxy, squared-off. It would look manicured without being so stiff."

And who has this flow look? "Harrison Ford, Pierce Brosnan," said Deavalon. "Harrison Ford is my favorite right now; really cute look.

ReVamp! salon's Christopher Hopkins wanted to know if Pawlenty's colors his hair.

Oh yeah, the governor's office will love answering that. The staffer who answered the phone was silent while I explained that I would naturally never be so impertinent as to ask such a question on my own. Then the staffer gave a sarcastic "Great," when told I was doing a hair piece on making Pawlenty look more vice presidential. Not surprisingly, this question garnered no response.

Despite not finding out what only Pawlenty's hairdresser knows for sure about the color, I wrapped up things with Hopkins in a subsequent interview.

"He is good-looking, I think," Hopkins said of Pawlenty. "I think his hair looks nice, basically. I'm sure it's been analyzed and overanalyzed, don't you think?"

Now, it has been.

Pagoda disaster?

Having experienced a very public, spectacular reversal of fortune hasn't diminished the nerve of Tom Schmidt.

"I haven't talked to you in a long time," said Schmidt. "That's because most people avoid you, right?"

When told that there are actually more people avoiding him these days, Schmidt laughed hysterically. "Good girl! Good girl!"

Advised that I wasn't about to let him insult me, given his reputation, Schmidt just laughed and said, "I love it."

To his credit, Schmidt has always come to the phone to explain himself every time he's been called to answer more questions that he'd rather not.

C.J. is at 612.332.TIPS or E-mailers, please state a subject -- "Hello" doesn't count. Attachments are not opened, so don't even try. More of her attitude can be seen on Fox 9 Thursday mornings.

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