CJ: Vineeta Sawkar's new baby boy

  • Article by: C.J. , Star Tribune
  • Updated: July 29, 2000 - 11:00 PM

Vineeta Sawkar's baby's name is Jack Sawkar Branby. It's just Jack. Not Jack for John -- although a famous one was semi-inspirational -- and no, Jack is not short for a longer name. The KSTP-TV weekend anchor has been surprised to be asked in various forms about the preceding facts, but her infinitely patient demeanor allows only for gentle answers to these inquiries. "We were searching for names," Sawkar said. "We looked through both our family trees, history books. My husband [Jason] is really into history [and is] an admirer of President Kennedy. I wouldn't say he was named after the president, but it sort of gave us the idea that we like that name. It's an all-American name for a boy. I just wanted a real solid name where if he said, 'My name is Jack,' he wouldn't have to spell it." Given the Jacs and Jacqs out there, I told Vineeta that's no guarantee. Jack was born June 9 at 7:54 p.m., weighing 6 pounds, 12 ounces and measuring 21 inches. "My husband and I decided that he's a real hockey fan. The night before [his birth], we stayed up to watch the triple overtime Stanley Cup game between the Devils and the Stars. I was going crazy jumping up and down; poor kid probably wanted to know what was going on. Water broke the next morning. Jack made his appearance that night and was around to watch the Devils win the cup. I think he's really excited about the Minnesota Wild because his mom and dad have season tickets, you know." They'll only see a game if by the time the Wild plays in St. Paul, Jack's parents are bored with their current favorite pastime: "My husband and I just stare at him for hours. We're really lucky he's such a good boy." Sawkar is due back at work Sept. 2.

A bouncing baby sister

This having-a-baby-sister thing works for 6-year-old Beau Draghiciu. "Beau got a new trampoline the day Bella was born, so he associates that fact with his sister. He thinks she's the greatest thing," said his mom, consultant Wendy Williams Blackshaw, who wed ad exec John Blackshaw a year ago in July. "Beau's like, 'Mom, can you have another baby so I can get a tree fort?'" The trampoline was not there before Beau went on vacation with his dad (WCCO producer Denny Draghiciu), but "when he came home the trampoline was here," Wendy said. "In a 6-year-old's mind, he comes home and he's got a new baby sister and a trampoline." Bella Rose Williams Blackshaw was born June 27. She was 20 inches long and weighed 7 pounds, 3 ounces -- "that's big because she was four weeks early," Wendy said. "Aside from being on bed rest for three months, it's like I had nothing to do with this baby. [John] is the first man ever to have a baby on the face of the earth. She looks nothing like me. She looks exactly like him. He can't go to work in the morning; he gazes at her. Our wedding was nothin' compared to this." I didn't think John would go that far on the record, so I didn't ask. But he concurred with the rest of Wendy's claim, while acknowledging that Bella has "a nice dimple in her chin. That is the only part that comes from Wendy's family."

Hot-doggin' in the kitchen

Janet Jackson's chef may have the culinary depth to prepare her meals, but her godson, Tyler Harris, was only interested in Jackson's hot-doggin' skills. "Kevin [Garnett] and Janet were over and everyone went on the boat, jet skiing -- actually it was scurfing," said Tyler's mom, Lisa Harris, who had some explaining to do. "It's like a water-ski, but it's just one and you stand sideways and the boat pulls you. They were out scurfing, and Janet and Tyler stayed on the boat; she kind of videotaped everything and hung out with Tyler at the back. Then he said he was hungry. He said he wanted a hot dog, but he only wanted her to make it. I asked Tyler, 'Are you sure you want her to make it? I can make it 'cause I don't know if she cooks very much." Tyler never wavered, and it was godmother to the hungry rescue. "She cooked him two hot dogs," Lisa said. "She did them in the kitchen, right on the stove." Must have been some sight -- Janet cooking alongside her chef, who was "cookin' us a big barbecue mean" while Janet was on hot-dog duty.

A star sits in

Although Janet Jackson is Tyler's godmom, she has "sat with" his new sibs, 3-month-old twins Isabella and Maximillian. Can't give you the full 411 on the twins' godparents just yet. "Brandi [Padilla, her sister and Garnett's significant-O] is the godmother and we haven't asked the godfather, so I can't tell you until Jimmy asks him," Lisa said. Jimmy Jam's Flyte Tyme Production partner Terry Lewis is Tyler's goddad.

The view from L.A.

Work on Janet Jackson's upcoming album should get into high gear soon, now that the premiere of her "Nutty Professor II: The Klumps" movie with Eddie Murphy is over. She sang the closing love theme "Doesn't Really Matter" for the flick. "We are out here for the premiere," Lisa said from L.A. "ET" captured Janet arriving on the arm of her dad, Joseph Jackson, but "Jimmy [also] sat next to her. It was very funny and she was very good," Lisa said. ... A few weeks before going to L.A., Janet was spotted at the Twin Cities airport purposefully striding over to a vehicle. She assumed the driver's seat from one of her people and drove herself and a friend. She likes to drive herself around, but she is always tailed by a member of her staff.

Interesting tips, please

"Who's bored?" Lisa Harris said as one twin started crying, thus signaling the end of this interview. That's an applicable catch phrase after listening to 332-TIPS.

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