We just received a press release and advance copy of "Life After Favre: A Season of Change with the Green Bay Packers and Their Fans." Written by Phil Hanrahan, a lifelong Packers fan and Los Angeles resident who embedded himself in Green Bay for the 2008 season, the book has a timely release date: Monday, Oct. 5, also known as the night Favre faces his old team on Monday Night Football.

Unfortunately for Hanrahan, he was saddled with dressing up a largely joyless 6-10 season. Also, he was dealing with Favre and a deadline. One of the last passages in the book is this one:

"The scenario was lienbacker Aaron Kampman intercepting a Brett Favre pass on November 1, 2009, at Lambeau Field. Favre was wearing Viking purple. Extending the scenario, I had Kampman blitzing on the next possession. And yes, he got to the quarterback. He sacked No. 4. But then Favre decided not to join the Vikings for the start of training camp."

Hey, end of story, right?

In the lengthy "Suggested Interview Questions for Phil Hanrahan" portion of the accompanying press release (questions AND answers are provided), the author hints at a sequel that will address the growing conflictedness of green and gold fans watching their former hero don the purple. Of course, our favorite part of the self Q&A is this:

Q What did you think about the Packers' decision to go with Aaron Rodgers over Favre?

A You had to ask ...

We can't help but envision this done with a sock puppet.

Joking aside, the book seems like it tackles some interesting ground and captures the spirit of the Packers' cult fan following. We've put out the bat signal to Hanrahan's publisher in hopes of talking to him before Monday, and we will hopefully have more on this before the big game.




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