Anti-wealth bias? Huh?  (“Wilf sees ‘anti-wealth bias’ ” in New Jersey court case, Oct. 31.)  Dear Mr. Wilf, for Minnesotans interested in how your dealings there might apply to the stadium here, this is what’s called “due diligence,” and it’s standard practice when entering into a business partnership with someone. If a person asked you to finance a project they had in mind, I’m quite sure you would look into their financials to see if they were in fact creditworthy. Why should the people of Minnesota not wish for the same when you propose a business partnership with us? I’m sorry to disappoint you, sir, but this has nothing to do with income-level bias. You should be facing the same scrutiny the rest of us do when we request financial assistance.

LINDA COFFIN, Minneapolis

• • •

Zygi Wilf’s legal team submitted a 21-page legal memorandum to explain why his net worth should not be made public. Do you suppose he doesn’t want the people of Minnesota to see how he could have easily paid for a larger share of the Vikings stadium?