I watched Monday’s Minnesota Twins home opener with amused interest. That is, I watched fans busily consume hot dogs, pizza and nachos, concentrating harder on which delicacy to stuff their faces with next than on the action on the field and scoreboard. Even shots of the players in the dugout revealed a greater interest in choosing sunflower seeds than tallying up the balls and strikes thrown by Vance Worley, whose belly wobbled over his belt with each pitch. Ladies and gents, America’s pastime: Eatfest 2013 — both on and off the field.

Katie Seltz, Afton

• • •

When did we decide to stop broadcasting the national anthem for baseball and hockey games? It has become a rare event. Opening day for Twins: no anthem. The Yankees gave us the anthem on Monday (on their own network), but not the Giants and Dodgers. Why has this happened? (All of my theories would be unforgivable.)

Robert Perschmann, Chaska