Some of the early winners at the Westminster Kennel Club competition this week were disgusting. Three ridiculous poodles had been trimmed to leave a halo and puffs of hair with a naked butt -- about as anatomically attractive a roll of fat popping out between a blouse and skirt or 8 inches of a guy's boxers above what used to be called the waist of a pair of jeans. Other winners included fluffs of fur that hid a dog inside and required brush, comb or spritzing every three minutes. Thank heavens for some real dogs like the ugly bulldog, the Shar-Pei and the whippet. If one of these beauty salon dog wannabes were to have won (thank goodness they didn't), the dogs of America should have revolted, and viewers should have questioned the vision, judgment and sanity of the judges! Viva la pound dog and mutt!