The Sept. 2 letter about the $765 million NFL settlement (“That bruising contact must have been a shock”) was an odd thing to print on Labor Day.

It started by equating those whose work is in organized sports to those who partake in other risk-taking events that often are not organized. It went on to say that the NFL players were well-compensated, which is not necessarily true in all cases.

It further stated that these players must have known about the risks — which, since new information about concussions is just coming out, also may not have been true.

The hardest jab the letter writer made, though, was that employees in general should be aware of the risks of their jobs and not “come crying about it later.”

I don’t know if that is meant to include coal miners affected by cave-ins or black lung disease, or electricians, fireman and autoworkers (to name a few) affected by asbestos, or workers affected by mesothelioma. I suppose it could include hearing loss, dermatitis and musculoskeletal injuries also seen on jobs.

Unfortunately, many jobs can cause injury, and, many companies will not take steps to protect workers.

Labor unions fought long and hard to bring about better conditions and to push the government to oversee work conditions. So, by all means fight and complain about job risks. Your life may depend upon it.

DON ANDERSON, Minneapolis