In case you missed it, President Obama said in an interview aired on Sunday that he will not listen to "any noise that's out there" regarding threats to our allies -- exhibit A: Israel. Citizens of the state of Israel do not consider Iran's regularly stated intent to wipe Israel off the map as "noise."

It is a mere 67 years since Hitler did his best to kill every Jew in Europe. Can we Americans be so tone-deaf to fail to understand pure evil when it shows its hand yet again? Can we not see the existential threat to Israel?

Our president prefers to appear on Letterman and conduct conversations with the likes of Beyonce before he will meet with the chief executive of Israel in its most critical hour of need. Whatever point you come from on the political spectrum, we are approaching a matter of no return

Our president, given his craven indifference to the evils of Islamism, must live with the outcome of his decisions. So must the 6 million Israelis who live less than 30 seconds from the rockets of their sworn enemies.