I submit this to all “Minnesota Nice” drivers as a public service: Please stop inconveniencing other drivers or putting them at risk just so that you can feel virtuous.

• Scenario No. 1: I am approaching a stoplight on a busy street. The driver ahead of me suddenly stops and waves to a car on a side street to enter traffic ahead of him. But that driver doesn’t notice. Our “nice” driver keeps trying to get the other driver’s attention. The light turns yellow. “Nice” driver goes through. I and all the cars behind me have to stop at the red light. If Mr. Nice had just let traffic flow as normal, the side-street driver could have been let in when the light turned red.

• Scenario No. 2: I am slowing as I approach a four-way stop. A driver in the cross street gets there first, but waits several seconds until I stop at the sign. I wait for her to go, but then see that she is waving me through. If she had just proceeded normally, she already would have been through.

• Scenario No. 3: Driver approaching a green light at a busy intersection sees a bicyclist waiting to use the crosswalk. He stops and waves to the biker to go ahead. He could have easily been rear-ended.

The true Minnesota Nice driver follows traffic rules and drives safely.