I disagree with Joshua Gruber’s suggestion to install metal detectors at the State Capitol (“At the Capitol, it’s security; not gun rights,” Sept. 9).

Gun rights aren’t the issue, but whether we want to continue down the path to being a more fearful society, where the only answer to potential violence is to treat everyone like an actual criminal.

I would prefer to see much stronger background checks and mandatory training for all owners.

Since the 1960s, there has been a steady erosion of Fourth Amendment rights as the public has been conditioned to one warrantless search after another. These have culminated in the worthless horror of body scanners.

Do we really want to continue in this direction? A metal detector will accomplish nothing if someone uses a nonmetallic weapon or acts outside the security perimeter, so the entire strategy is flawed.

Not turning the Capitol into a fortress would be a good place to start rolling back the tide of fear.