So, public officials decided to put up public money to build a stadium for a for-profit football club. Now, bit by bit, we are finding out:

1) The new stadium will necessitate closing two principal thoroughfares in downtown Minneapolis.

2) It looks like the electronic pulltabs that were supposed to support the financial effort are not working out.

3) The owner of the football club has received a multimillion-dollar judgment for fraud and a tongue-lashing from the judge in a New Jersey court.

4) Joe Six-Pack will have to pay a license fee of hundreds or even thousands of dollars for the right to buy a game ticket at a yet-to-be-determined price.

5) We discover that the American public has been subsidizing the very-profitable National Football League through a tax exemption.

6) We discover that many NFL players suffer permanent brain damage and other injuries; the league and their owners will not address this issue.

Hasn’t the time come to shoot this turkey between the eyes?

CRAIG M. WIESTER, Minneapolis