I am generally a supporter of the Affordable Care Act and have been quite complimentary of our own state’s exchange, MNsure — until I tried to create my account. I just finished my 12th attempt since Oct. 3, entering all the information and answering the security questions. Once again, I received a response that there is a system error and that my identity cannot be verified. The message has suggested that if the error has occurred a few times, I can download a paper form, complete it and mail it. I did that last week, but no one has responded.

Meanwhile, I have been able to shop on the MNsure site and compare plans, so I know which plan I would like to purchase. And I am pleased with it: providers, deductible, benefit level, monthly cost. But I am not pleased with the officials who keep saying the system is working, that they are fixing the glitches. I totally understand perhaps needing to try two or three times before everything works on a new system. Twelve attempts seems unreasonable — and still no account is created.

JAMES NASTOFF, Minneapolis