Bullying — the effects are glaringly evident, a part of our society we rail against, seeking reforms to address, ringing our hands, helpless to stop it.

Yet, it is everywhere. The Guthrie Theater’s newest comedy, “Born Yesterday,” provides an example. The male lead character spends much of the play yelling at his staff, girlfriend and anyone to “shut up” and do all things his way. Yeah, I know he’s supposed to be a “bad” guy. I get it. And, yes, his girlfriend who he regularly calls “stupid” does prove to be his moral and intellectual superior. This, however, is only after she has been intimidated, manipulated, shamed and slapped. He physically assaults his closest aide.

So this is comedy in 2013? Laughing at the very thing that in one form or another makes tragic headlines is not my idea of fun or funny. When will we get it?