I was hopeful to read that Gov. Mark Dayton will continue his efforts to declutter state processes and regulations (“Dayton seeks big trim to laws,” Nov. 17). To accomplish this, he assembled nearly 1,000 state government managers earlier this month for a meeting at St. Catherine University.

A thousand state government managers! Really? I seriously hope Dayton’s “unsession” includes merging and purging of redundant departments and offices. Weeding out the inconsequential and establishing a well-run state government is long overdue. My advice to the governor: When in doubt, throw it out!


• • •

Today is National Adoption Day. The Minnesota Coalition for Adoption Reform will again be lobbying for the right of adoptees to have access to their original birth certificates. Seventy-four years ago, Minnesota Law 1939, chapter 89, section 1, placed adoptees’ original birth certificates “under seal” and under a culture of shame and secrecy.

Open adoption has demonstrated that both adoptees and birth mothers have a need to know. Secrecy kills.

Antiquated laws? Start with that one.