While TV viewers of Minnesota Vikings games (such as the writer of the Nov. 16 Letter of the Day) may feel immune from the recent season-ticketholder dilemma of personal seat licenses (PSL), they are able to watch home games on TV only because those ticketholders' purchases contribute to a sellout. If there were no sellout on a given week, that home game would be blacked out on local TV and indifference on Vikings ticket and PSL sales may change.

A better solution is to charge each TV-viewing household a set amount each week (like other sports leagues do), so that all of the Vikings customer base in and outside of Minnesota (such as the Dakotas, Iowa and Manitoba) contribute to the team's revenue. If you watch the game on TV, you are just as much a stadium user as the ticket buyer there.

If you don't think so, let's get the cameras out of every NFL stadium until a fair pay-per-view system is set up and appreciated by the TV-viewing public. Ticketholders should be thanked for their participation in the NFL game-day process, not beat up on in the media or by the public or used as pawns by politicians and team officials.