Once enacted, amendments in Minnesota are difficult to modify or remove; in the history of our state, it's happened only a couple of times. Repeal would follow the same process as the proposed marriage amendment, requiring a majority vote in both the state House and Senate, and a majority vote in a general election. To those who are voting in favor of the amendment or are considering voting "yes": When you're at the polls, consider how hard this amendment could be to repeal. You may think that your life will be unaffected if it passes, but might you someday have a child, grandchild, niece or nephew who is gay? If the amendment passes, how will you explain to them why you voted the way you did? This won't be easy to undo, and it has the potential to negatively influence an untold number of lives, including those of people you may know and love. So ask yourself: Down the road, will you wish you had voted differently?