Once again, those in government prove they just don't get it. Sens. Evan Bayh and Jon Kyl have said that a strong message should be sent to the party crashers of the state dinner last Tuesday.

First, the "party crashers" visited the people's house, not the government's house.

Second, it is not up to the visitors of our house -- even if they are "party crashers" -- to keep the place secure. It is up to the White House security and Secret Service whom we hire.

Third, the senators' knee-jerk reaction is just what we have come to expect from the sea of ineptitude that is the federal government. Even if they mean well, when they realize they have been ineffective at something and we caught them at it, their answer is to further encumber the people or take something more away from the people rather than look at their own shortcomings. Pathetic.

The uninvited guests should never have made it in the door but they did. The authorities should look for the holes in security rather than ways to punish those who capitalized on those holes. The couple meant no harm, and did no harm -- other than getting publicity.