I was doing high-fives along with Gov. Mark Dayton that the 2018 extravaganza is “going to make a lot of people a lot of money in Minnesota.” Then, unfortunately, cold, hard reality hit me. I don’t own a football team, hotel, motel, parking lot, restaurant, bar, massage parlor or even a taxi cab. I happen to belong to the Joe Six-Pack fraternity.

The question is how do we, the Joe Six-Pack fraternity, get at this bonanza of money. Yes, we could get minimum wages for hawking beer or pretzels during the game, or possibly shoveling snow in case of inclement weather. The Minnesota Department of Revenue would undoubtedly get its money from our labors, unlike sales-tax exemptions on game tickets and possible sales-tax exemptions for Super Bowl week events and income-tax exemptions for the gladiators on the field.

One thing is certain, however. The Joe Six-Pack fraternity will contribute most of the hard cash toward the $498 million the public is being assessed for the new stadium.

Florian Lauer, St. Paul