I am a northeast Minneapolis resident who has attended the Art-A-Whirl event for the last 10 years. I am sorry to see artists voicing negativity about the evolution of the event over the years. While I understand their concerns that it is becoming a festival instead of an art crawl, their comments on Facebook and other social media hurt the artists who take part, as well as the community members who attend the event. I buy art at every Art-A-Whirl. I save money throughout the year for just that purpose. Sometimes, I see an artist I like and go back the following year. When I read the negative comments from artists, it makes me think my presence and my money are unwelcome. Since time does not reverse itself, rather than being upset with the changing mood of the event, artists and local businesses need to work together to figure out how to benefit all. Artists in Northeast, please talk to your fellows about keeping the message positive to keep me, and my friends, excited about this art crawl. Your negativity helps no one.

Mia Bremer, Minneapolis