I must take issue with the tone of Jon Tevlin's column on Linden Hills ("City Hall sides with not-ready-for-high-density Linden Hills," March 14).

When Tevlin refers to the neighborhood's streets as "fer-cute" and its residents as having an affection for "quaint," he insults a community that has often been on the cutting edge of neighborhood planning and development, including organics recycling.

My guess is that instead of the luxury condos that would likely have resulted in higher rents and real estate prices, residents would be in favor of a high-density development if it involved a local architect designing something more along the lines of a zero-waste co-op.

They would likely prefer something that would be affordable to more than just the "luxury condo" dweller. 

I imagine they would be for a development with storefronts housing start-up businesses rather than the corporate chains that can afford space in the numerous "luxury condo" developments currently littering the Twin Cities.

Cheers to the Linden Hills residents for winning this battle.