As spring arrives, so do thoughts and sights of green grass, sunshine and baseball. This year, sprinkled in the spring-training mix is the ongoing Budget Debate Game. Our contest actually involves both state and national lineups and, as in all important sports events, it’s worth monitoring the teams’ progress.


So far, Team Revenue has scored, or is on the verge of scoring:

1) Top earners’ federal income tax hike.

2) Payroll tax renewal.

3) Obamacare health taxes.

4) Top earners’ state income tax hike.

5) Medical device tax.

6) Broadened state sales tax.

7) Tobacco tax increase.


Team Spending Reform has tallied:

1) Sequestration.


As the game continues into the late innings, we all hope for a final score that will serve the present, as well as the next generation of fans.

Gene Gomes, Minneapolis