Regarding “Taking talk of bike safety a bit further” (June 24):

Not once in that article is there any mention of pedestrians. Bicyclists are supposed to give audible warnings to pedestrians when passing and yield to pedestrians in crosswalks. I walk daily with my dog, and there is hardly a time when I do not encounter cyclists who fail to do this. I have had some very close calls, having had to jump out of their way.

What bugs me is that there are numerous articles written about respecting bicyclists, but I have yet to see anything about bicyclists’ respecting pedestrians. I am not alone’ all those people walking on the shared paths by the river agree. Some bicyclists are very courteous, but those others give their sport a bad name. One neighbor even had T-shirts made and passed them out to people walking. On the backs of those shirts was a message to bicyclists to give audible warnings when passing.

Janet Llerandi, St. Paul