The temporary Minnesota Child Victims Act was well-intended and has produced some very dramatic results.

Making the act permanent is the next step. The tragic consequences of abuse on the many trusting souls knows no limitations.

Even though church officials claim they are doing their utmost to comply with the provisions of the act, it is obvious to this observer they are playing a “waiting game” and dragging their feet whenever possible.

A quote in the May 25 Star Tribune (“Abuse law unleashes firestorm on church”) attributed to Bishop A.H. Cozzens ends with a troubling rejoinder:

“[We will] continue to work with courts, victims and attorneys to pursue justice for all parties during this three-year period.”

So what happens after the three-year period expires? Minnesota has a wonderful opportunity to become a national and world leader in this troubling saga. Removing any and all statute of limitations on reporting sexual abuse is the next logical and most needed step.

James Hafner, Coon Rapids