The city of Minneapolis and developers should be commended on the proposed green space and surrounding developments on the east side of downtown Minneapolis. I think it will add significantly to the area and showcase the new Vikings stadium.

But is the best name we can think of “The Yard”? This may not be on the grandiose scale of Central Park in the “Big Apple,” but certainly there must be a name for that park that commemorates the area and adds class and prestige. “The yard” is often used to describe the back yard, junk yard or barn yard. Minneapolis doesn’t have to “Minnie” everything. Add some class and select a name we can be proud of and call our own.

While you’re thinking of names, the Viking stadium has already been referred to as the “ice cube.” The Vikings sailed the North Sea in the midst of icebergs. Please don’t also minimize the stature of the stadium, which will add so much to the city, with a name that is less than reflective of the original Vikings.

RICH JANSEN, Apple Valley