It is so frustrating to read about the controversy regarding H-1B visas ("Klobuchar in midst of contentious visa debate ," Feb. 11). U.S. Sen. Amy Klobuchar's push to grant more employment visas to foreigners with technical skills makes one wonder what is going on in our public schools that we can't produce enough of these STEM students (who would no doubt go on to highly skilled, highly paid jobs).

Are our social structure and hierarchies still based on the popularity of, say, the star football player or the top-ranking girls basketball player or cheerleader? Do India and China and Japan put their athletes up on pedestals like Americans do?

In a store last week, I saw a quiet middle-school boy wearing glasses. His T-shirt read: "Some day I'll be your boss."

The phrase is telling. This boy was not being appreciated for his intellect. How sad.

Surely we can grow up as a nation and start to embrace students who excel in science and engineering.