I was greeted with a strange front-page picture of our favorite governor and football team owner tossing shovels of dirt in the air at our new stadium's groundbreaking. ("Now real work can begin on Vikings' new stadium," Dec. 4). As odd as I found the photo, the quote from Gov. Mark Dayton — "I can't believe it's over, and I can't believe we won" — was even more irritating. Who won? I'm a Minneapolis resident, and I think the picture clearly shows who won. Certainly not my neighbors and me, and from the look on his face, the governor doesn't appear too festive either. I never thought this was a contest to win or lose. Dayton goes on to reference the fact that this project will bring much-needed jobs to the area. Great, but I wonder if increased revenue of $498 million in the state's coffers not tied to a football stadium might have had the same effect. No wonder Zygi Wilf is smiling.