After shrinking passenger seats to the minimum, airlines are considering shrinkage of the toilets to squeeze in a few more shrunken seats (“Air travelers, feeling the squeeze, squawk,” April 8). I smell opportunities.

Rather than shrinking the toilets, airlines could rename them “Throne Rooms” that would be sold to willing fliers as passenger seats at full fare. The throne occupiers would then be permitted to rent their space during flight to needy passengers for a nominal fee, say, $5 per minute. A classic win-win situation.

Success of this program will create more opportunities for the airlines. Once they require that all baggage be checked, they could squeeze many smaller passengers into the emptied overhead bins. Even more could be squeezed into pressurized tubes — like Pillsbury biscuits — for transport in the cargo bays. The sky’s the limit.

William Sperber, Minnetonka