The recent spring weather had motivated me to write a reminder to my Twin Cities cycling peers — and then I read about the hit-and-run death of Elyse Stern (“Bicyclist killed in hit-and-run in Minneapolis is identified,” March 31).

I am so sorry and saddened by her untimely, unfair, unfortunate death. And in no way am I blaming her when I say that bikers must be smart and defensive and prepared for the worst.

Bikers will always lose when they share a road with cars. But we are so lucky that our cities and state invest millions of dollars in boulevards, lanes and trails just for bikers. What a gift! And what a travesty when these safe, easy and often quicker routes aren’t utilized.

You don’t need to bike on Lake Street. Or Hennepin. Or Lyndale. Or Cedar. The few extra blocks it takes you to get to a boulevard, lane or trail will save you so much in peace of mind, safety and consideration for those with whom you share the road.

As a female bike commuter with beautiful curly hair, I get it — helmets suck. But poor decisions suck more. The $30 you’ll spend on a helmet and set of lights could be the best investment you make.

Alison Griffin, Minneapolis