I am so incredibly weary of these debates over birth control. And yes, yes, we are all entitled to our religious beliefs. However, we are not entitled to impose those beliefs on others — certainly not our employees. And when those beliefs are at odds with what is good for most women and families, good for communities, and good for the planet, then frankly, those beliefs should be challenged.

If we continue at our current rate of population growth, the United Nations projects, we will reach almost 12 billion by 2060. That’s nearly double the current 7 billion. How will we provide safe food and housing, education, potable water, clean air, open space, and opportunities to work and live happily to those deserving new children? It’s a daunting prospect, isn’t it?

What’s the plan, conservatives? Let families grow beyond what they want and can afford? Let our population explode indefinitely and exponentially without thought for how we will support one another and protect our resources?

Sarah Nelson, Roseville