An Awesome 29 incher from Leech Lake!

An Awesome 29 incher from Leech Lake!

I had the opportunity to fish on Leech Lake for the past two days... One with Chris Niskanen of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, and the 2nd day with some wonderful folks at Anderson Trucking Service out of St. Cloud.  We had some of the best fishing I have had on Leech with several over 26 inchers coming on both days.  Attached is a photo of Scott Anderson with the largest of the trip.. a gorgeous 29 incher , which was caught on a Rattln' NO-SNAGG Lindy Rig and a big redtail chub out of Walker Bay.  We also caught quite a few nice keepers from 16 to 17-3/4 inches on both days.  The keepers came on a bottom bouncer and a Red Devil Supreme spinner rig tipped with a crawler on Grand Vu flats.

I was a little surprised by the good bite, as both days were accompanied by relatively light winds.  I've always had better fishing when the wind is blowing on Leech, but this was a definite exception.  We all had a blast and, while there, I even took a third place finish at only my second professional poker tournament at the casino.  Whoo hoo! 

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