MINNEAPOLIS — A Hennepin County judge has ruled that a lawsuit filed by the family of an Accent Signage shooting victim can go forward in narrowed form.

In a ruling filed Tuesday, Hennepin County District Court Judge Denise Reilly says the family of Jacob Beneke can proceed with two negligence counts against Accent Signage Systems. However, counts against the estate of gunman Andrew Engeldinger will be dismissed.

Beneke's family sued the Accent Signage and Engeldinger's estate in February, alleging the company should have known Engeldinger was dangerous. Engeldinger killed Beneke, four other co-workers and a UPS deliveryman before taking his own life on Sept. 27.

Beneke family attorney Phil Villaume says the family is happy with the ruling.

An Accent Signage spokeswoman says its attorneys haven't yet fully reviewed the ruling.