I’ve seen every single episode of “Lost,” and after all these years I leave every new episode with the same two reactions:


A) This is really the most remarkably plotted, though-provoking, character-driven show on TV, and


B) I have no idea what’s happening.


Amend that; I get the gist. We all have a grasp of the basics. But you find yourself hitting pause, and thinking “okay, Jin and hubby in America, is this a flashback or a flashsideways, and if they have to go to the other island, does that mean this is before Ben pushed the old lever that made the island disappear, or do both islands go at the same time, like a BOGO deal? I was even surprised to see Jack sit down next to Jin on the beach - what, are you still on this show?


Here’s the part that made me wince. Jin can’t speak English after she got a blow on the head while fleeing Not-Locke, aka the Dark Spirit powerful enough to destroy everything and set off smoke alarms everywhere. Right? Jack gives her pen and paper to write her responses to his questions. She used a fresh sheet for every answer, even if the reply was just SORRY. I’m thinking: lady, write small. You’re stranded on an island. That paper has to go a long way.


It’s the little things, and the show usually gets the little things right. But I couldn’t remember if this was previously-crashed Jin or first-time-castaway Jin or if it was 1977 or what. It’s a massive swirling blur, and I don’t care. Every time I meet a new character I wonder if I’m supposed to recognize them from something I saw HALF A DECADE AGO. At this point Richard Nixon could stagger out of the jungle in a black suit and shiny shoes, and I’d think “was he in season 3? I don’t remember.”


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