Seriously, you clicked on a link called Larry King's Love Secrets? It's pastrami! No, I don't know. but why is Larry King so popular with the ladies, when he’s old and resembles something you’d see sunning itself on a rock? wants to know:

But with the possibility of an impending King wedding, the question becomes who would want to date, marry and consummate a relationship with a man so close to being in his 80s. Really, why do so many ladies seem to love Larry King?

It might have something to do with his ability to listen, although you never know if he’s really thinking about lunch. Might be that faint gleam of fame one gets by hanging around someone who’s on TV. Might be his personality; as someone who listened to King a lot on the radio in the 80s, he can be an engaging character - raconteur, a bit of a rake, a BS artist, a mensch.


Then again, it might have something to do with this, reported today by TMZ: Larry’s worth $144 million dollars. Hey, it's possible.

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