On Monday, the gift cards began trickling into Lakeville schools.

The $100 Cub Foods gift cards came with a letter from a Lakeville couple instructing them to be given to families that were struggling financially so they could have a "nice Thanksgiving meal."

"It was one of those letters that kind of warms your heart," said Linda Swanson, the district's communication director.

After one school posted news of their gift card on their Facebook page, officials from other schools said that they had received the same letter and gift.

In fact, all 14 district schools received one, making the couple's total donation $1,400, according to Swanson.

Swanson said the district sometimes receives impromptu donations, but this was different.

"From time to time we do get very generous donations ... but to my knowledge, we've never had a donation to every school of this nature that was anonymous," Swanson said.

Swanson said she wants to thank the couple, though no one knows who they are.

"Some families fall through the cracks and don't get the assistance they need," the letter said, and included a Bible verse about generosity.

School counselors and deans will decide who gets the gift cards.

"We will make sure that the families that need it get it," she said.