Word has it that Ron Artest was at Minneapolis' Whole Foods Market in the late afternoon of his day off on Thursday.

The Lakers were in town to play the Timberwolves on Friday, on the sixth anniversary of Artest's "Malice at the Palace" attack on fans at Detroit's Palace of Auburn Hills.

A manager at the store could not confirm the sighting reported by iFollo.com, which is based in L.A. Minnesotan Jon Rapoport is director of sports content and development for the website that chronicles ordinary people's encounters with celebrities.

"We are sure" about the Artest sighting, said Rapoport, because the tipster is "a guy who has sent in other stories and is a big sports fan." The man sighted "was wearing a Lakers stocking cap, a huge 6-7 dude," Rapoport said. "I'm originally from Plymouth, so I really appreciated the story."

Rapoport's source wrote on the iFollo.com: "The warm weather team from California must issue these hats to players during cold weather trips. It was definitely fun bumping into one of sport's craziest characters."

I'm sure the tipster meant "craziest" in the most affectionate way, although Artest famously thanked his "psychiatrist" when the Lakers won the NBA championship in June. This totally shocked Houston, Texas, psychologist Dr. Santhi Periasamy, who wasn't expecting public acknowledgement of their confidential relationship, according to an ESPN report.

This sort of spontaneous outburst from Artest is a charming aspect of his personality. Certainly more so than the Nov. 19, 2004, Palace Malice incident or the domestic violence matter that resulted in court-ordered therapy in 2008.

Speaking of outbursts and personality, Randy Moss should hit up Artest for Dr. Periasamy's cell. Seriously. It's so apparent that something's not quite right about the child-like, impulsive and overly indulged Mr. Moss.

Kendra's in town?

"Wusssssup Minnesota... good to be here!!" wrote Kendra Wilkinson around noon on Friday on Twitter.com.

Looks like Vikings WR Hank Baskett is going to be receiving some lovin' in person instead of over Skype from his reality TV star wife! They've said they want another baby. Or maybe she just wanted to see the Lakers play the Wolves?

Pillows for Percy

Turns out there was no urgent need for a special delivery of Mypillow.com products to Vikings WR Percy Harvin.

Mypillow.com creator and president Mike Lindell, whose business is based in Carver, wanted Harvin to try the pillows to see if they helped with the migraines that have sometimes sidelined the NFLer. Mypillow.com features testimonials from migraine sufferers who swear by the pillows.

Getting the pillows to Harvin seemed to be a challenge, in part because some Vikings employees consider them just another wacky remedy among hundreds of others sent by fans. How could pillows resolve a matter stumping the best docs at the Mayo Clinic?

Lindell dropped off pillows for Harvin a couple of times at the front desk of Winter Park, but the word was that Harvin never received them. When I asked Harvin in January if he had received any pillows, he said, "I don't think so."

A couple of weeks ago, I personally but belatedly delivered more pillows that had been given to me in August for Harvin. I've been busy and didn't get around to dropping off the pillows until November, when I was taking a vacation day. Almost didn't recognize the WR in his ski cap and interesting whiskers.

Harvin told me, as you may hear for yourself at startribune.com/video, that he DID get other pillow deliveries. He thanked me for this delivery as well and noted: "I've slept with them a few times. I normally sleep on my stomach so it's hard to use them. When I lay on my back... in the bed, I use them. I have a few of them at the house."

You can take the pillow to the Viking, but you can't make the Viking take to the pillow, it seems. A few days after my delivery, media reported that Harvin couldn't practice for the Cardinals game because of migraines.

In my personal Mypillow.com test case, I bought a booster pillow from the company for a girlfriend who suffers from migraines. She believes "the pillow has helped a ton. I've only had two since you gave it to me." Her manfriend didn't like the nature of her last migraine, though, so she's seeing more specialists.

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