Always one of the Twin Cities’ craftiest rappers and self-doers, Kristoff Krane has come up with a clever way to fund his next album: By compiling highlights from all his previous recordings into an impressive new retrospective.  “Eight years, 44 tracks” is how the real-life Chris Keller sums up “I Freestyle Life (2005-2013),” which he released this morning as a $16 download and streaming via Bandcamp.

The collection is led by one brand new song, “Aho” (posted below) and reaches back to Keller’s early work with Eyedea in the improve group Face Candy, and to his experimental rap/rock band Abzorbr with future members of No Bird Sing. Eyedea also is featured as a guest on one of the Kristoff Krane tracks, as are Slug, Crescent Moon, Joe Horton and – from his wild last album, 2012’s “Fanfaronade” – Sage Francis, Buck 65 and Illogic.

True to form, Keller is planning something very different for his next record: He’s going to release an all-acoustic album titled “Moon Goddess.”

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