Showing more signs of improvement, former Minnesota State, Mankato football player Isaac Kolstad is being transferred from a Mankato hospital to a Twin Cities inpatient rehabilitation center.
According to his CaringBridge site, his family is “expecting lots of work ahead of us when we get to rehab.” Kolstad, 24, suffered serious brain and other injuries during a fight that erupted after bars closed in Mankato May 11. Former Gophers quarterback Philip Nelson and Trevor Shelley have been charged with assault stemming from the fight.
Kolstad’s family, in a statement, expressed gratitude for all the support. They say he has shown “more ability to interact” with family members, including his daughter, Malia, who was born during Kolstad’s stay at a Mayo Clinic facility in Mankato.
“When we lay Malia on his chest, Isaac consistently reaches up with his left hand and ‘holds’ her,” according to his site. “He has even patted her back and rubbed her little hand.”